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How to hire an independent contractor

Hiring an Independent Contractor

  1. From your admin account in Zenefits, click into the Hiring app and click Add Team Member.
  2. After entering in the new hire contact info, you'll choose Employment Type and Classification.
  3. If you select Contingent Worker, you'll see the option for Independent Contractor.
  4. Fill in the job and compensation details.
  5. Decide if you'll be running a background check for the independent contractor.
  6. If you'll be adding them to any of your company's integrated apps, set up any required information next.
  7. Confirm hiring details look correct, then decide if you will be sending the invitation now or later.

Independent Contractor Onboarding

Once the invite has been sent, there is a list of tasks that your independent contractor needs to complete during onboarding. You can view their progress by navigating to the Offers Sent section of the Hiring Overview page, and hovering over the clipboard_e7ae90e88ba0a1c43cd029b1d5deefabe.pngsymbol info symbol next to their name.

  • Register with Zenefits
  • Accept and sign offer letter (if applicable)
  • Accept and sign additional documents (if applicable)
  • Add personal info
  • Fill in any custom fields
  • Provide taxpayer identification number (if they're working in the US, fill out W-9)
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