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Do I need to verify employment eligibility for a rehire?

If you rehire a former worker within 3 years of the date they completed their previous I-9, there's no need to request a new Form I-9 when:

  • they are  a US citizen or have a valid Permanent Resident card, or
  • they have a temporary work authorization document, e.g., work visa, that is still valid.

If so, make sure to uncheck the Eligibility and Collect Eligibility options under Additional Information when rehiring.

Once the individual has onboarding, if their prior Form I-9 was completed in Zenefits, go to Documents > Employment Eligibility > and click on “Reverify”. If not, upload the previously completed Form I-9 into the Documents section of their profile.

If more than 3 years have passed since the date they completed their previous I-9, or if their work authorization document has expired, a new Form I-9 is required.

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