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Set Up/Edit Custom Contractor Agreements

The instructions below only apply to companies who use the Contractors app on their dashboard.

Zenefits offers a default consulting agreement that is specific to California. To use the agreement, just click the link above the Agreements table. To upload a custom agreement for contractors, click on the Contractors app. Select Templates from the menu, then click +Add Template, and upload the new template. Here are some tips on making a custom template.

  • Make sure the file is a Word document or other text editor file type. PDFs can't be converted.
  • Indicate the area the dynamic text should display. This is best done by marking the item in bold, highlighting it, or using [brackets]. Click here for a list of available fields.
  • Templates require an official signature from someone who is authorized to sign contracts on behalf the company. Make sure to enter a signature, or have someone with authority enter a signature.
  • Zenefits takes up to 3 business days to convert a template.

Once a contractor has signed an agreement through Zenefits, it cannot be edited. To change the terms of an agreement, upload a new document. The Contractor will need to sign that new agreement.

Edit Existing Agreements:

Contractor agreements cannot be edited. If a change needs to be made, please upload a new form. The old agreement can be deleted.

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