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How Checkr runs background checks

The attached PDF explains Checkr's background check process. Background checks usually take 2-9  business days to complete, but can take more than 9 days for jurisdictions where records are not available online. For offline jurisdictions, Checkr has to wait for them to locate the records, which can take several additional days or even weeks depending on the jurisdiction's workload.  You can view the status of a background check here.

Once a new hire enters in their name, SSN, and (if applicable for MVR check) drivers' license from the Basic Info step of onboarding, Zenefits requests Checkr to perform the background check.

Checkr will then email the new hire to do an Identity Document Verification within 7 days. It includes asking the new hire to take a selfie, and upload images of their government documents.

Delays in the new hire providing Checkr with this information may cause delays in getting background check results.

Checkr will email the applicant at least twice when requesting identification. The background check can proceed once the information is uploaded.


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