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How to Run Background Checks on New Hires

Zenefits partners with a third-party provider called Checkr, a fully vetted and compliant background check service, to enable administrators to run background checks on new hires. Checkr performs all background checks, including the optional DMV check.

Once you have your Zenefits account set up, you can follow the guided steps below on a laptop or desktop computer to get started with background checks.




  1. From the Zenefits dashboard, click on the Hiring app.
    Hiring App
  2. Click on Background Checks Setup from the Setup Flow.

    BGC Setup
  3. Pick whether you'd like Standard checks, Premium checks, or both.
  4. You'll next select whether you'd like to require background checks for all new hires.
  5. Choose who you'd like to have access to background check results.
  6. Next, you'll choose if you want background checks to include motor vehicle reports for all background checks.
  7. Complete all company information fields.
  8. Enter payment information. Invoices for background checks will come directly from Zenefits.
  9. Finally, the company signatory will need to agree to the Terms & Agreements.
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