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Information included with Checkr's background check

All background checks run through Zenefits will include SSN validation, a list of the candidate's previous addresses, whether or not they are on a sex offender list, whether or not they are on the Federal terrorist watchlist, and a national criminal search. State information provided in the report will depend on the type of check requested, and the local laws in each county.

Since state laws vary on the specific historical information that can be reported, the county information reported by Checkr will reflect the current public record at the court level in each county:

  • Many states allow the reporting of convictions indefinitely.
  • Some do not allow reporting of dismissed records, or have a seven year limit on dismissed records.

The two following background checks can be run through Zenefits.

  • Standard Check: Verifies SSN and checks national criminal records, sex offender list, address history, county criminal records, and terror watchlist for national, state, and current county of residence.
  • Premium Check: Expands the Basic Check to include all counties of residence in past 7 years.

A credit check cannot be included in the Background Checks run by Checkr.

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