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Types of background checks run through Zenefits

Zenefits offers two types of background checks for workers in the United States:

  • Standard checks cost $25 each, and include one county criminal search. A Standard check verifies SSN and checks national criminal records, sex offender list, address history, county criminal records, and terror watchlist for national, state, and current county of residence.
  • Premium checks cost $35 each, and include unlimited county criminal searches.  A Premium expands the Standard check to include all counties of residence in past 7 years.

When setting up background checks, administrators can choose to enable standard or premium checks, or both. Background check charges will show as labled line items in your monthly Zenefits invoice. Here is a summary of the information contained in Checkr's background checks.

Additional Fees

Depending on the worker, additional fees may apply:

  • County court fees may apply in some cases, and will be added to the total cost per worker.
  • An optional motor vehicle report can added to either standard or premium checks for an additional $5 plus additional DMV fees. The motor vehicle report cannot be run as a standalone option.

Invoicing and Payment

Payments for background checks are debited from the company bank account on file in Zenefits. Background check charges appear as line items in the monthly Zenefits vendor invoice.

Zenefits does not support paper check payment for background checks.


Want to see the status of a background check?  Click here

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