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Predictive models

Accurate predictions are the cornerstone of effective workforce analysis and planning. By forecasting how many employees are likely to leave, for instance, you’ll be better able to plan for the right number of new employees to hire. Expect too little attrition, and you’ll fall behind on hiring and workforce productivity will drop. Expect too much, and you’ll waste money ramping up talent acquisition programs. Better predictions make it easier to match workforce supply with demand. Even a small increase in accuracy means significant savings, given that the workforce accounts for the biggest slice of the budget for most organizations.

Visier’s predictive models will help you identify employees who are most likely to resign, should be considered for a promotion, or are most likely to internally change jobs. You can also validate and report on how close the number of actual exits, promotions, and internal moves were to the predicted values inside the application. This will help you increase the trust of your stakeholders by confirming exactly how accurate your past predictions were.

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