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Company, Department, Team, and Personal Goals

Company administrators can create company, department, and team goals to promote transparency and direction to all workers.


  1. After logging in to your Zenefits account, click on the Performance Management app.
  2. Select the Goals tab.
  3. Click Create Goal to get started.
  4. As an example, to make it a Company Goal, select Company from the drop down menu next to Participants.


After completing all fields, goals will be available to all applicable individuals.

Company Goals: can be created/edited by full company or HR admins and can be viewed be everyone.

Department Goals: can be created by full company or HR admins. HR admins with access to all departments can create goals for any department, while HR admins with specific department access can only create goals for departments they have permissions for. Department goals can only be viewed by members of that department.

Team Goals: can only be created by managers, and can only be viewed by individuals of that team.

Personal Goals: Managers, HR admins, and Full Company Admins can create, edit, and assign goals to individuals. They will also be able to view all personal goals of their direct reports. An individual can also create and edit personal goals, and can edit personal goals created by their manager.

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