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Understanding Permissions in Performance Management Goals

  Full Company Admin HR Admin Manager Employees (including other Admins NOT explicitly listed here)
Create Team Goal N N For my team. N
Create Department Goal Y According to the scope of my permission- all department access can create goals for all departments. Department specific access will only be able to create goals for specific departments. N N
Create Company Goal Y According to the scope of my permission (if I have all employee access). N N
Create & Assign Goals to Workers Can create goals for any employee as assignee Can select assignee only based on the scope of my permission. Can assign only from my direct reports and the people that report to them Can only create goals for yourself (keep in mind that Full Company Admins and HR Admins can view any goals you create, as well as create personal goals on your behalf).
Add comments on a Goal Those owned by me Those owned by me Those owned by me and any goals of my direct reports if they're visible to me Those owned by me
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