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Getting Started with One-on-Ones in Zenefits Performance Management

One-on-Ones are a feature in Zenefits that allow you to quickly set up a meeting or sync with a coworker. You can use One-on-Ones to discuss the feedback summary of a recent performance review, or chat about some Goals you’ve recently set up. Note that since One-on-Ones don’t feed over to a calendar, any information you’ve shared or discussed in the invite won’t be stored or archived. For that reason, we recommend establishing your discussion around items that are stored in the system, such as Goals or Reviews. 


One-on-Ones will notify the invitee of the event’s date and time via an inbox notification in Zenefits. These meetings aren’t meant to replace your usual scheduling and calendar tool; instead, think of them as a way to quickly touch base with your direct reports, reporting manager, or other coworker. 



Understanding Permissions in Performance Management One-on-Ones

Full Company AdminHR AdminManagerEmployees/Workers Create 1:1 MeetingYYYY Add Topic to 1-1 MeetingY for 1-1s where I am a memberY for 1-1s where I am a memberY for 1-1s  wher... Learn more

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