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Getting Started with Performance Management Reviews in Zenefits

Performance Management is a tool that allows companies to track their workers’ job performance. Keeping track of your workers’ performance in their role is essential to measuring success and achieving goals. By acknowledging great performance from your individual contributors, you reward them through positive reinforcement. Additionally, performance reviews can drive engagement from your workers and build strong managerial relationships. 

By using Zenefits’ Performance Management tool, you and your manager team don’t need to learn the ins and outs of a brand new system. Performance reviews are automatically stored in your workers’ profiles, alongside all their other essential documents, reducing the workload of maintaining worker documentation.


Things to Keep in Mind Before Creating a Review

How should you plan and prepare for a performance cycle at your company? That’ll depend on a couple different factors, including the industry you’re in, the size of your company... Learn more

Understanding Performance Review Setup

Let's walk through the process of running a review together. This will lay out the different aspects of creating a new review cycle, and will prepare you for the setup process i... Learn more

Understanding Permissions in Performance Management Reviews

Full Company AdminHR Admin (can be limited by dept or location)ManagerIndividuals Create reviewYYYN Assign revieweeCan select anyCan assign reviewees based on their permissio... Learn more

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