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How to Create a Self Review

A self review is an opportunity for your workers to reflect on how they feel about their own job performance. Click here to read more about effective self evaluations.

Here are the steps you can take to set up a self review in Zenefits:


  1. There are no pre-filled Self Review templates in the Templates step, but you can certainly adjust one of the other question templates to work for a self review. Alternately, create your own questions by selecting New Review.
  2. In the Reviewees step, choose everyone who you'd like to participate in the self review.
  3. In the Reviewers step, check the Self-Review box. Note that although managers will be able to view responses, they won't be asked to answer any for a self-review.
  4. In the Questions step, you can either edit the questions provided with a template you selected, or add questions from scratch. Ensure that for each question, the Self box is checked next to Assigned to.
  5. Managers will be required to summarize the self review and provide their own feedback. In the Sharing Feedback step, decide if you'd like the manager feedback summary to be shared with the report or not.

Once you Create Review Cycle, the start date of the review cannot be changed. You will still be able to add and edit reviewers.

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