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How are notifications sent out for Performance Management

Reviewers receive both a Zenefits Inbox notification as well as an email containing:

  • the name of the review
  • the names of reviewees that need to be reviewed
  • the type of review (peer, self, manager, summary)
  • the due dates of the reviews

If a reviewer is also a manager, they may also see the following information:

  • when they are added as a reviewer after the start date
  • when they are removed as a reviewer
  • when the due date is changed
  • when a review is manually ended
  • when they're added as the new manager mid-review cycle and have to do a Manager Review and/or Share Summary


One day before a review is due, reviewers receive a notification to their work email.



  • The reviewee is notified through an inbox  action and email when the manage shares their final remarks.

Reopening/Extending Reviews:

  • If a review is reopened or extended, managers will receive a notification alerting them of the new review period (see above scenarios for information that will be present in the notification).
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