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How can I create a review using pre-made templates

Administrators will be able to use pre-made templates when creating a new review. Zenefits offers a wide variety of pre-made templates for your reviews. Some examples include: Peer ReviewManager Review, and a Quarterly Review. Each option has a preview to allow administrators to view the questions before selecting an option.


Once a review template is selected, administrators can review the questions included. Questions can be edited by clicking the pencil icon and updating the question, description, or response type. Questions can be reordered by clicking on the up or down arrows. A question can be removed by clicking on the trash can icon. Additional questions can be added by clicking on the +Add a question link.


Once the questions are completed, administrators will be able to select who will be reviewed. There will be an option for All EmployeesMy Team for a manager’s direct reports, and Custom. The custom option will allow administrators to filter employees by department, work location, job title, earnings type, employment type, or by selecting specific employees. Next, administrators can select who will be completing the review. Reviews can be completed by an Employee’s Manager, a manager’s Direct ReportsPeers that share the same manager, and can be completed as a Self-Review. A different combination of reviewers can be configured based on the type of review being created.


In the next section, a schedule can be created for the review. There are options to complete the review OnceRepeat, or on a Custom Schedule. The schedule can repeat on a specific number of days or months. Custom reviews are based off of the employee’s start date. You may set up a regular schedule after the last custom review has been completed. For example, a review can be run 30 days after the employee’s start date and then every 6 months thereafter. For reviews that happen once or on a regular schedule, you can also define the start date. 


The last step will be to assign a due date for the review. Administrators can enter a number of days after the review is started to set the due date. Once all of the settings have been configured, the review can begin by clicking on the Start button.

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