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How do I edit a review that I submitted

If you want to edit a review you submitted and it's before the end date of the review cycle, follow the instructions below.


  1. After logging in to your Zenefits account, open the Performance Management app.
  2. Click on Reviews.
  3. Select an open review for which you've already submitted answers.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Make desired changes, then Save Changes.


FAQs About Editing Reviews


What if the Edit option isn't there?

If you don't see the option to edit your submitted review, check to see if the review end date has already passed. If it has, contact the person who conducted the review to see if they can extend the end date, allowing you to edit your answers. Note that if the manager has already provided summarized feedback, that there will no longer be an option to edit responses or extend the end date.


Does this apply to manager shared summaries?

Yes! Managers can edit their shared summaries by following the same steps listed above, but selecting a review in which they've already shared summaries instead of submitted answers.


Will edits transfer to the saved review documents?

Yes, any edits to answers submitted will replace the previous version in the saved review in the Documents section.


Will anyone be able to tell I edited the answers?

Any review that has edited answers will be notated with an Edited badge on the review. No one will be able to access the previous versions of your submitted answers if you've saved the edits.


Can I edit my own answers if I am a manager or admin?

Managers and admins are not able to edit their private review answers at this time. However, as a workaround, the manager or admin can remove him/herself from the review, then re-add  back .

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