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How to Create a Manager Review

A manager review in Zenefits is when managers or supervisors have the opportunity to review the performance of their direct reports. Before you get started with the review formatting, you'll want to think about who will be included in the review. Will it be company wide? Or only a few departments or locations?


  1. To start, there is a template of questions that can be used as is or adapted for a manager review.
  2. In the Reviewees step, you'll select everyone who is being reviewed. If the review is company-wide, you'll select everyone who has a manager, or reports to someone.
  3. In the Reviewers step, check the box for Reporting Manager. Since this is a manager review, you don't need to add any other reviewers in, unless you'd like additional people to review the subject's performance at the same time.
  4. In the Questions step, either edit the questions provided with the template you selected, or add the questions from scratch. Since the only reviewers you've selected are the reporting managers, you only need to ensure that each question is assigned to the Reporting Manager role. If any additional reviewer types were included, you will need to make sure the questions you'd like them to answer have their role type checked.
  5. In a manager review, there's no need for the extra feedback summary step. Instead, you'll decide if the manager's review will be shared with the direct report after the review cycle ends.

As with all reviews, once you Create the review, you can't edit the start date. Managers will still be able to add or remove reviewees.

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