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How to assign a Contingent Worker in Performance Management

If your company is not on the new Essentials, Growth, or Zen plans and you'd like to add any contingent workers to your Performance Management app for the ability to include them in reviews, goals, and one-on-ones, follow the instructions below. If your company is on one of the new Essentials, Growth, or Zen plans, any contingent workers you add will automatically be added to Performance Management. 
Note: you must have certain assigned permissions to add contingent workers to Performance Management.

perf mgmt settings


  1. From your admin account, click into Performance Management.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. +Add Contingent Workers
  4. Select which Contingent Workers you'd like to add, then Save.

Contingent workers will have the same setup as any of your employees with Performance Management. In the Select Reviewees step of creating a review, the Employment Type filter will default to Full Time, Part Time, and Interns, but you'll have the option to include contingent workers.

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