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Reviews in Performance Management

The Performance Management app offers a flexible, user-friendly, fully integrated app that helps you align your workforce around common goals to achieve shared success. Zenefits makes it easy to launch and track review cycles, and to quickly access performance data for groups of employees and individual workers. 


Performance Management is seamlessly integrated and displays all of your worker data in one place.  Leverage the native integration with the rest of the Zenefits platform to deliver data-driven insights utilizing information on performance, benefits, payroll, turnover, and more.


A mobile-first design lets workers and managers complete the review process whenever and wherever they are, increasing completion rates and reducing time-to-completion.


Address the unique objectives of your organization and the specific job responsibilities of your workforce.  Get started by leveraging a library of pre-built review templates and then customize the questions to reflect the unique goals of your company.


How do I create a new review?

Administrators can start a new review by clicking on the Create Review button. There are two options:Create a new review with custom settingsUse a pre-made templates created usi... Learn more

How do I create a custom review?

Start a New Review, give it a name, and add a description.  Choose your reviewees. You can pick from Entire Company, My Subordinates, Specific People and Custom. The custom opti... Learn more

How can I create a review using pre-made templates?

Administrators will be able to use pre-made templates when creating a new review. Zenefits offers a wide variety of pre-made templates for your reviews. Some examples include: P... Learn more

How do I edit reviewers for a particular review?

You are able to edit the reviewers for any active review. In order to do this, follow the steps outlined below after you log in to your Zenefits account.Click the Performance Ma... Learn more

How do I define what the ratings represent?

While creating a new review, you’re able to add questions that could be answered with a rating on a point scale (up to 10). To define what the ratings represent, follow the step... Learn more

How do I edit an active review as an administrator?

You are unable to add, remove, or edit the questions once you've sent out a review. You can, however, end the review and start a new one. To end the review:Click the Performance... Learn more

How do I edit a review that I submitted?

If you want to edit a review you submitted and it's before the end date of the review cycle, follow the instructions below.After logging in to your Zenefits account, open the Pe... Learn more

Reopening reviews in Performance Management

To reopen a review that has ended, take the following steps:From the Performance Management app, click the Reviews tab.Click View next to the review you wish to reopen.From the ... Learn more

How do I get a review out of the draft status?

In order to get the review out of the Draft status, you must complete the entire setup. To complete the review, please follow the steps below:Click the Performance Management ap... Learn more

Who can create a review?

Administrators and managers can create a new review in the Performance Management app. Managers can only create a review for their direct reports and anyone that reports to them.  Learn more

How are notifications sent out for Performance Management?

Reviewers receive both a Zenefits Inbox notification as well as an email containing:the name of the reviewthe names of reviewees that need to be reviewedthe type of review (peer... Learn more

What happens if the reporting manager changes during the review?

To handle manager changes during a review cycle, the new manager will need to consult the previous manager. If that is not possible, then to consult the higher level manager to ... Learn more

How do I save review templates in Performance Management?

An administrator with access to Performance Management can save a review as a template for later use by following the steps below:Find an existing review under the Reviews tabSe... Learn more

How do I extend the due date of a review?

You can extend the deadline of a review by following the steps below:Click on the Performance Management app.Select Reviews.Click the View button next to the review you wish to ... Learn more

Where do the Performance Management documents live?

If you're a worker looking for the answers you submitted...Click on the Documents link from your Zenefits Dashboard.Scroll down to the Performance Management section.Click on a ... Learn more

Who can view a completed review?

The results are shown to the reviewee's manager, and the main administrator. They are able to include any comments from peers when completing the summary for the reviewee  left ... Learn more

Can I add or remove reviewers or reviewees to an active review?

Yes! If you are a manager or admin with the correct level of permissions in Performance Management, you can follow the steps below to add reviewers or reviewees to an active rev... Learn more

How to delete a review

You'll only be able to delete reviews that are in the Draft or Archived status.After logging into your Zenefits admin account, navigate to the Performance Management app.Click i... Learn more

How to download reviews into an Excel file

If you'd like to export a review from Performance Management into an Excel file (.xls), you can do so by following these steps:After logging into your Zenefits account, click on... Learn more

Where can I see review progress?

In Performance Management, all reviews have a Reviewer Progress and Feedback Progress bar. This assists with at a glance comprehension of the progress of reviews.All Review Opti... Learn more

How to assign a Contingent Worker in Performance Management

If your company is not on the new Essentials, Growth, or Zen plans and you'd like to add any contingent workers to your Performance Management app for the ability to include the... Learn more

What is the difference between reviewees and reviewers?

When creating a review in Performance Management, you'll be asked to assign reviewees and reviewers. So, what's the difference? What does each one do in a review?A Reviewee is t... Learn more

How do I manage review templates?

You can manage existing templates or craft a new one by going to the Settings tab of your Performance Management app. From there, select the Templates section.Manage ExistingAll... Learn more

Can I assign performance reviews to someone in a separate organization?

While creating a review in Performance Management, you’ll have the option of including reviewers from another organization that's been grouped with your company in Zenefits. Learn more

Can I see my subordinates’ assigned reviews, even if they’re in a different organization?

Yes, when you open the Performance Management app, you’ll be able to view the reviews for all your subordinates, even if they report in a different organization. Learn more

Can I include someone who is an admin of a linked organization in a performance review?

Yes! If you include someone who has full admin permissions in a separate organization as a reviewer, they will not have their usual edit access to the review. Instead, they will... Learn more

How can I add international workers to Performance Management?

If you'd like to add any of your international workforce to a review in Performance Management, you can do so in the Select Reviewees step of creating a review. There will now b... Learn more

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