Which companies integrate with Zenefits?

Zenefits integrates with the following partners. The features for each integration will depend on the product Zenefits is integrating with.

How does G Suite integrate with Zenefits?

G Suite is a set of intelligent apps, including Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar, designed to help you communicate, store, and create. When you integrate G Suite with Zenef... Learn more

How does Office 365 integrate with Zenefits?

Office 365 allows you to work anywhere, anytime on any device with online, cloud-based versions of Microsoft Office. When you integrate Office 365 with Zenefits, you can us... Learn more

How does Salesforce integrate with Zenefits?

Salesforce is the Customer Success Platform and the world’s #1 CRM company. When you integrate Salesforce with Zenefits, you can use the integration to: Set Salesforce ro... Learn more

How does Slack integrate with Zenefits?

Slack is a new kind of messaging for teams that brings all your communications together in one place. When you integrate Slack with Zenefits, you can use the integration to... Learn more

How does Xero integrate with Zenefits?

Xero is an easy-to-use online accounting software for small businesses and their advisors. When you integrate Xero with Zenefits, you can use the integration to: Sync tra... Learn more

How does Abacus integrate with Zenefits?

Abacus is the easiest way to reimburse your team, reconcile corporate credit cards, and implement your expense policy. When you integrate Abacus with Zenefits, you can use ... Learn more

How does Carta integrate with Zenefits?

Carta is the all-in-one equity management platform for private companies, investors, employees, and law firms. When you integrate Carta with Zenefits, you can use the integ... Learn more

How does Expensify integrate with Zenefits?

Expensify software takes the time, paper and headaches out of expense reporting for companies of all sizes with its industry-leading app and patented SmartScan technology. ... Learn more

How does Lattice integrate with Zenefits?

Lattice is a performance management software that helps you unlock your team’s potential. When you integrate Lattice with Zenefits, you can use the integration to: Sync ... Learn more

How does Zugata integrate with Zenefits?

Zugata is performance management software that helps employees reach their potential with 360° feedback, resources, and progress tracking. When you integrate Zugata with Ze... Learn more

How does Greenhouse integrate with Zenefits?

Greenhouse Software designs tools that help companies source, interview, hire and onboard the right talent. When you integrate Greenhouse with Zenefits, you can use the int... Learn more

How does JazzHR integrate with Zenefits?

JazzHR is recruiting software that helps growing companies recruit and retain high-performance teams. When you integrate JazzHR with Zenefits, you can use the integration t... Learn more

How does Lever integrate with Zenefits?

Lever is a collaborative hiring tool that empowers every team member to successfully recruit the right talent When you integrate Lever with Zenefits, you can use the integr... Learn more

How does Blueboard integrate with Zenefits?

Blueboard is employee engagement software that enables employers to reward their employees with memorable experiences. When you integrate Blueboard with Zenefits, you can u... Learn more

How does Bonusly integrate with Zenefits?

Bonusly is employee engagement software that helps companies boost productivity and retain top performers. When you integrate Bonusly with Zenefits, you can use the integra... Learn more

How does Box integrate with Zenefits?

Box is a platform that helps you securely store and share important documents, media files, and images. When you integrate Box with Zenefits, you can use the integration to:Prov... Learn more

How does Asana integrate with Zenefits?

Asana  is a platform that helps you track your team's projects and work progress. When you integrate Asana with Zenefits, you can use the integration to:Provision and de-provisi... Learn more

How does Zapier integrate with Zenefits?

Zapier is a platform that helps you set up trigger actions for events, as well as linking your apps together to create workflows for day-to-dayevents. By creating "zaps" or acti... Learn more

How does Workato integrate with Zenefits?

Workato is a platform that lets you automate your daily HR tasks by creating automated workflows  to accomplish daily tasks, such as onboarding and offboarding employees. By con... Learn more

How does Hive integrate with Zenefits?

Hive is a powerful project manager, giving your team a simple dashboard that connects to all your other tools.  Hive brings real organization to your team: know who is working o... Learn more

How does Lessonly integrate with Zenefits?

Lessonly is a modern training software that helps sales and support teams do better work. When you integrate Lessonly with Zenefits, you can use the integration to:Automatically... Learn more

How does Appraisd integrate with Zenefits?

Appraisd helps bridge the gap between annual reviews with frequent check-ins and mini reviews. You may customise Appraisdwith your forms, competencies, values and see them broug... Learn more

How does BetterWorks integrate with Zenefits?

BetterWorks provides continuous performance management to help employees easily set goals and give ongoing feedback.Automatically set up an employee's BetterWorks account during... Learn more

How does Guideline integrate with Zenefits?

Guideline is a full-service 401( k ) helping you and your employees save more for retirement. 100% automated. 0% asset and advisory fees. We’re offering people the 401( k ) they... Learn more

How does CoPilot 401(k) integrate with Zenefits?

Since 1983, PAi has helped people successfully save for retirement. Whether your company is starting its first 401( k ) plan or looking to transfer a long-established plan, CoPi... Learn more

How does Google Hangout Chats integrate with Zenefits?

The Zenefits Google Hangout Chat Bot helps you manage your employees' time-off requests by allowing them to directly request time-off in Google Hangouts. These requests will aut... Learn more

How does Breezy integrate with Zenefits?

Breezy is recruiting software that helps growing companies recruit and retain high-performance teams.When you integrate Breezy with Zenefits, you can use the integration to:Quic... Learn more

How does Human Interest integrate with Zenefits?

Human Interest offers full service, automated, low cost 401( k ) and 403( b ) plans that are customizable and easy to set up and administer.Human Interest FeaturesSimple adminis... Learn more

How does Zywave integrate with Zenefits?

With respectful workplace training becoming mandatory in some states, many companies will be required to complete training for their workforce.Zenefits is here to help by partne... Learn more

How does CoPilot IRA integrate with Zenefits?

CoPilot's Workplace Savings IRA is designed to give you and your employees a way to save for retirement without costing you time or money. Saving for retirement isn't just about... Learn more

How does TSheets integrate with Zenefits?

TSheets  is a software system that allows you to easily track time on any device--web, mobile, and kiosk-- to streamline payroll and more. To learn more about TSheets, including... Learn more

How does Embroker integrate with Zenefits?

Embroker is Zenefits' partner in brokering business insurance. If you're interested in purchasing business insurance, or if you'd like to transfer your existing policies to Embr... Learn more

How does Deputy integrate with Zenefits?

Deputy is a scheduling and time tracking software that allows its users to easily manage their workforce’s time. Now, you can easily export timesheets from your Deputy account s... Learn more

How does Truework integrate with Zenefits?

Truework automates employment and income verification requests for your HR Team.How do I set up the integration with Truework?Log in to your Zenefits admin account, then scroll ... Learn more

How does Okta integrate with Zenefits?

Okta integration provides the following features: HR as a Master: enables customers to sync chosen fields from Zenefits to Okta.SSO: Single Sign On lets workers sign into Okta a... Learn more

How does Spark by EdCast integrate with Zenefits?

Spark by EdCast is a unified platform designed to operate end-to-end employee experience journeys spanning learning, skilling and career mobility. When you integrate Spark by Ed... Learn more

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