How does Spark by EdCast integrate with Zenefits?

Spark by EdCast is a unified platform designed to operate end-to-end employee experience journeys spanning learning, skilling and career mobility

When you integrate Spark by EdCast  with Zenefits, you can use the integration to:

  • Sync your employees between Zenefits and Spark
  • Single Sign On with Zenefits 

Setting up a Spark by EdCast integration

You can set up your Spark by EdCast integration by selecting the Add an App option on the main dashboard and then selecting Spark by EdCast from the list. You'll need to have administrator permissions on the Spark by EdCast account you want to link in order to set up the integration. 

You'll also need to grant permissions to Spark by EdCast for the following items in Zenefits:

  • Basic company information
  • Employees'  basic information
  • Employees' employment status
  • Employees'  work and personal email addresses
Once you've granted these permissions, you'll be taken to the Spark by EdCast  site to complete the setup. Once the setup is completed, the green Connected status will appear under the  app's  icon. 

Using the Spark by EdCast  app  

Once Spark by EdCast and Zenefits are synced, the Spark app will show up in your main administrator dashboard. You can use it by clicking it and then selecting Manage. In the integration, you'll be able to see which employees are synced in Spark, manage their accounts through the Manage option, or disconnect Spark from Zenefits through the Disconnect option. 

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