Court Ordered Insurance Enrollments

Under ERISA, employment-based group health plans are required to extend health care care coverage to the children of employees when ordered to do so by state authorities. The company may receive these notices either in the form of Medical Child Support Orders (MCSO), or National Medical Support Notices (NMSN).

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Court Orders for Dependent Enrollments

A primary administrator may receive a National Medical Support Notice mandating that an employee at their company needs to enroll their dependents in health insurance coverage. ... Learn more

Enrolling and Removing Court Order Dependents

When an administrator has received a Court Order to enroll an employee's dependent(s), they can do so by following the steps below. Note that in order to handle this process, th... Learn more

Custodial Contact Information for Court Orders

Custodial contact information is required to calculate insurance rates for court ordered enrollments, as insurance rates are based on zip code. Custodial contact information... Learn more

Calculate Percentage of Net Earnings for Court Orders

National Medical Support Notices limit the requirement to offer coverage based on an employee’s net and/or gross earnings. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare offers a Re... Learn more

FAQs about court-ordered dependent enrollments

This page covers FAQs about court-ordered dependent enrollments. Learn more

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