Court Orders for Dependent Enrollments

A primary administrator may receive a National Medical Support Notice mandating that an employee at their company needs to enroll their dependents in health insurance coverage. Primary and other company administrators can do this on behalf of an employee through their Zenefits Dashboard by visiting the Directory app. Note that in order to handle this process in Zenefits, the administrator must have the permission to verify employees' qualifying life events.

Before an admin adds court ordered dependents to an employee's insurance coverage, they should call the Issuing Agency noted on the form. The admin needs to secure some additional information:

  1. If an employee isn't enrolled in coverage, ask for plan choice recommendations.

  2. The court order may contain additional information regarding the maximum contributions (for child support and insurance deductions) an employee can make to these dependents. This will usually be 50% of their net wages. If not noted on the order, request this from the agency.

Receiving a court order to add dependents does not allow employees to bypass the company's waiting period.

For information on enrolling court ordered dependents, please see this page here.

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