Cafeteria Plan Compliance Agreement

When a new Cafeteria Plan compliance agreement needs a signature, administrators will see a notification banner on their dashboard.

Section 125 Document process

  1. Once insurance enrollment is complete, the administrator will see A new IRS-related agreement (cafeteria plan) needs your attention link under the Benefits Administration card on the dashboard.
  2. The administrator will determine the Plan Administrator, review the Section 125 document, and sign.
  3. Once an administrator identifies the Plan Administrator, they will be able to review the body of the Section 125 document and sign it officially.
  4. Once administrators successfully complete the signature, they can view the completed Section 125 document.
    1. Administrators are able to:
      1. View the document through a PDF viewer.
      2. Download the document.
      3. Reference this document anytime through their Benefits Administration card by clicking Compliance.

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