Insurance Billing

Understanding how insurance billing works is important to ensuring companies and their employees don't experience a lapse in coverage. In this guide, learn:

Insurance Billing Basics

Here's an introduction to the basics of insurance billing for group insurance plans, including who pays invoices, when invoices are generated, and the basics of insurance-relate... Learn more

Autopay for Insurance Bills

Automatic payments, or autopay, is a convenient payment solution that many insurance carriers offer to companies. Autopay is a monthly debit for a company's insurance premiums, ... Learn more

Insurance Billing for Recently Terminated Employees

Terminated employees remain on the company's insurance invoices until the carrier processes the termination and cancelation of the coverage. Since carriers generate insurance in... Learn more

Self-Billing vs. List-Billing Invoicing Methods

Carriers may sometimes give companies the option to be list-billed or self-billed as their invoicing method. Learn about the differences between each method here. List Billing ... Learn more

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