Change Enrollment(s)

Overview: The "Change Enrollment" function allows brokers, benefits administrators, and/or group administrators to edit the effective & end date(s) for active enrollments.  

Use Case(s):

  • An employee is unable to complete their new hire enrollment in the default enrollment window (new hire effective date + 21 days) and you as a broker, benefits administrator, and/or group administrator would like to extend their enrollment window to correspond with the carrier(s) enrollment deadline.

How to Access:
  1. Navigate to the Benefits Administration app
  2. Click into the Employees tab
  3. Select an employee
  4. Click the "Eligible to Enroll" OR "In Enrollment" button on the employee's "Coverage" tab.
How to Use:
  • Click "Change Enrollment"
  • Check the Line of Coverage you would like to make changes for
  • Input the new Effective Date
  • Input the new End Date
  • Click "Submit"

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