Create Enrollment(s)

Overview: The "Create Enrollment" function allows brokers, benefits administrators, and/or group administrators to manually create a variety of enrollments for their employee(s).  After a user uses the "Create Enrollment" function, the employee will receive an invite to access the employee enrollment flow to elect benefits.  When the employee(s) in question complete the insurance enrollment flow, Zenefits will generate a carrier fulfillment task for submission to your benefits carrier(s).

Use Case(s): 
  • An employee misses their enrollment window and you as a broker, benefits administrators, and/or group administrator would like to allow the employee to elect benefits so you can submit an exception request to your benefits carrier(s).
  • An employee's enrollment window closes but they are still in their eligibility window with your benefits carriers. Note: Zenefits by default sets the employee new hire enrollment window end date as Effective Date + 21 days to ensure enough lead time to submit to your benefits carriers.  You can always extend or reopen this window to coincide with the carrier's true deadline(s).

Types of Enrollments:
  • New Hire
  • Open Enrollment
  • Initial Enrollment
  • Switch Carrier Enrollment
  • Rehire Enrollment

How to Access:
  1. Navigate to the Benefits Administration app
  2. Click into the Employees tab
  3. Select an employee
  4. Click the "Eligible to Enroll" OR "In Enrollment" button on the employee's "Coverage" tab.

How to Use:
  • Click "Create Enrollment"
  • Enrollment Type - The Enrollment Type you select should coincide with the employee and/or group event.  
  • Effective Date - This must align with the event in question.  If you select "Open Enrollment" for example, your company must also have a corresponding Company Enrollment with an equivalent effective date.
  • Enrollment Deadline - This will be the last day the employee is able to access and submit changes via the insurance enrollment flow.  The enrollment window deadline is 12pm PST.
  • Line of Coverage - The employee will be able to make elections only for the lines of coverage you select on this page.  
  • Click the "Submit" button

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