How do I copy benefits from one group to another?

If a company has a parent company or has similar benefits to another company, Partners can clone plans and contribution schemes from that company to the “child” or destination company. This action can also be done in bulk if multiple child companies have been selected. 

To copy benefits, click on the kebab icon to the right of the desired company, and select Copy Benefits. Then, choose the source company — you can optionally indicate if you want to link the source company as the parent company, and copy contribution policies. 

Copying benefits can also be done “in bulk” by select two or more companies and clicking “Copy Benefits.” Copying benefits from the “parent” or source company will work in one of the following ways: 

  • If there is an active Benefits setup in progress for the source company (i.e., an incomplete renewal build that has not launched to the company), the Copy Benefits tool will copy that setup’s plans and contributions, if applicable. 
  • If there is no active Renewal setup, the Copy Benefits tool will copy the last setup that was processed in the Benefits setup flow — i.e., if a plan was added to the source company after their last Renewal was launched, this plan would not be included in the copying process. Only plans that are involved in the last Benefits setup will be copied.

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