Basics Training Guide

As soon as your broker invites you (the group administrator) to register your Zenefits account, log in and take these initial steps:  

  1. Complete the task(s) to update the signature for your insurance carriers. As your employees select their insurance coverages, we map their enrollments onto the carrier's forms.  Your signature is populated on the form when needed, typically for terminations. A task is generated for each carrier that your company uses.
  2. Configure the COBRA Administration.  Follow the steps on this page to set your COBRA administrator and confirm your company's classification.  
  3. Browse through the system and make sure your company benefits and employee information looks accurate.  Do this by clicking on the Benefits Administration app, viewing the Plans & Carriers tab and the Employees tab.
To keep your benefits data up to date, you will need to hire and terminate all your employees in the Zenefits system.  If you would like to utilize Zenefits for additional Hiring Capabilities, you are able to do that as well - features like Offer Letters, Background Checks, and Employee Handbooks are included in your Zenefits package. See below for more information on how to complete some of these basic actions in Zenefits:

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