Custom OE Emails

When inviting employees to participate in Open Enrollment, you can now create your own custom emails and add attachments to launch Open Enrollment and when sending reminders to enroll.  To make sure employees know who to contact with questions, we will continue to add the Benefits Contact to all emails and, for the employee's convenience, we will continue to include a login link to the Zenefits site.


How do I change the Benefits Contact listed in the email?  
Can I create templates to be used in the future?
  • Yes, templates can be created and used for future Open Enrollments for a particular company (managed in the Company tab in the Benefits Administration App)
  • For CBP users, templates can also be used across companies in your book of business (managed in Partner Settings tab in Partner Dashboard)
  • When drafting an email in the renewals step, you can also choose to save the email you created as a template by clicking Save as Template in the lower left corner
Can I preview the email before sending it?
  • Yes, click Preview in the bottom right corner to see what will be sent out to your employees
Can I send a different emails to groups of employees?
  • Yes! Choose the initial employees to receive the email by clicking Recipients at the top of the email creation page in the renewals step.  You can filter the employees you select by Work Location, State of Residence, Contribution Tier, Department, or PT vs FT employment.  Open Enrollment will be launched only to those initially selected  
  • Once OE has launched, you can invite additional groups of employees by clicking View Progress on the Overview tab in the Benefits Administration app, selecting Invite Employees on the left side and choosing the Recipients at the top of the email creation page. You will not be able to send initial invitations to employees who have already been invited
How do I use the auto-text feature?
  • In the top right corner of your email body, you will see an auto-text drop down field.  This will insert the applicable information we have on file for the employee or company.  To see an example of the type of information displayed, click the Preview button in the bottom right corner
How do I send reminders?
  • Click View Progress on the Overview page in the Benefits Administration app, select Send Reminders, and follow the steps to select recipients and create your email or select a saved draft.  You will not be able to send reminders to anyone who has completed Open Enrollment

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