Handling Off Cycle Renewals

What is an off cycle renewal?

An off cycle renewal is when you have two or more lines of coverage with different renewal dates with your benefits carrier(s).  

For example, if you have medical coverage with Kaiser that it renews on 01/01/ 2021 , and dental & vision coverage with Guardian that renews on 04/01/ 2021 , you have off cycle renewal dates.  

How should we process Open Enrollment when we have off cycle renewal dates?

When processing Open Enrollment for your off cycle renewal, you can process your Open Enrollment for all lines of coverage and effective dates, with the following exceptions:
  • You want renewal handled differently for different lines of coverage.
    E.g. you would like a passive renewal for one line of coverage and an active renewal for another line of coverage.
  • You have dual medical carriers with off cycle renewal dates.
    E.g. you have medical coverage with Kaiser renewing 01/01/2021 and medical coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield renewing 03/01/2021.

So if you are processing Open Enrollment for your lines of coverage with off cycle renewal dates, you can process these together as long as you want all lines of coverage processed as active/passive.  For example, you can process your 01/01/ 2021 medical renewal and your 04/01/ 2021 dental renewal at the same time, as long as you want to process all lines of coverage as active/passive renewals with the same enrollment window.  

What if we miss processing Open Enrollment in Zenefits for a line of coverage?

If you do not process Open Enrollment for one of your lines of coverage and handle your Open Enrollment changes outside of Zenefits, you will need to process those respective lines of coverage as a Passive Enrollment.  You should renew these lines of coverage separately from any other lines of coverage you would like to process as an active enrollment (wherein employees make elections).

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