Renewals Review Tool

The Renewals Review tool is intended to help Benefits Administrators ensure plan details, eligibility information, company contributions, and employee costs are loaded correctly prior to inviting employees to participate in an enrollment period.  This tool allows you to review the projected total costs for your employees as well as review the company cost, based on your unique contribution scheme.  Additionally, this tool allows you to share the review with users who do not have Renewals Permissions, so they can review your benefits data prior to launching Open Enrollment or New Group Enrollment.  

How To Access & General Usage:

  • The Review Tool is the last step in the Renewals/New Group Enrollment flow.  
  • Users are able to skip this step if they so choose.
    • To skip this step, click on the Review step from the Open Enrollment/New Group Enrollment flow.
    • A dialogue box will pop-up with the options “Skip” and “See Preview”
  • As a best practice, it is recommended that you review your plan and cost information with the review tool prior to launching plans to employees.

Step 1.  Review Renewal Coverage and Plans. **

  • The Review Renewal Coverage and Plans step is intended to provide you with an overview of the plan and carrier data that you input into the system.
  • Users are able to verify information such as rates, plan type, plan name, waiting period, termination setting, and state availability in the Renewals Coverage & Plans section of the Review tool. 
  • Users must navigate back to the Renewals Flow in order to make changes to plan information. You are not able to make changes within the Review Tool.
    • If you were invited to complete a review and do not have access to the renewals management flow, you can leave comments from the main review page to send to the user building your Open Enrollment when you complete the review.  

Step 2. Review Company Contribution Policy. **

  • Users are able to verify the pending contribution setup within the contribution step in the review tool.

Step 3. Review Employee Costs. **

  • When reviewing employee and company costs, the user is able to filter by the number of dependents and resident state, in order to verify costs.  
  • Zenefits will populate the total premium, company cost, and worker cost based on the company's contribution setup and plan rate/premium.
  • Users are able to toggle on and off dependents for an employee to verify costs are correct with dependents enrolled.
  • If the company has employees set in different tiers or classes, an employee class filter will appear, so you can check the contributions are correctly applied for them.
  • How do I use the Review Employee Costs feature?
    • Choose your filters on the left hand side of your screen (work locations, departments, eligibility).
    • Select the employee you would like to review costs for.
    • Add dependent costs to the calculation by “checking” off a dependent’s name.

Step 4. Send for Review. 

  • This step allows users to share the review with colleagues and other Benefits Administrators and choose when to receive notifications when those users complete their reviews.
  • To share a review with a user, you must either be a Benefits Administrator on a company account or have an active Partner Dashboard account with the broker in question.
  • The Send for Review step is only available to users with renewals management permissions.  For all other users, the final step in the review step will be “Finish Review.”
  • To share a review with others, use the “paper airplane icon” next to the Benefits Administrators’ name.
  • Invite Column/Paper Airplane Icon: This button allows you to send an email to the Benefits Administrator you've selected, asking them to review your plan and rate information.
  • Remove Column: Allows users to remove Benefits Administrators from the “Send for Review” page.  Use the “Trash Can” icon to remove one of the Benefits Administrators listed on this page.
  • Notification Column: Click this checkbox to send notifications to the associated user, when any other invited user completes their review.  Once the review is complete, users with notifications enabled will receive an email including any comments provided in the review process. 

Key: **denotes steps that both Admin users with renewals management permissions and Benefits Administrators without renewals management will see.  

Review Tool for Invited Users: 

Reviewers will receive a system-generated email as follows:

Hi [Admin],

We wanted to let you know that Zenefits has shared a draft of [Company Name ]'s benefits renewal package with you so that you can review it to ensure that any problems get fixed prior to the start of Open Enrollment on [OE Start Date].

It is important that you complete your review as soon as possible so that Open Enrollment will be a smooth experience for the Lender's employees.
To get started click on this link.

Zenefits Client Support
For more information or assistance, please visit

To access the review flow, click on the link contained in the body of the email.  
Users with the “Benefits Renewals” permission set will also be able to access the review flow directly through their dashboard by following these steps:
1. Navigate to the group’s Benefits Administration Overview page
2. Click Start Renewals
3. The Review tool is the last step in the renewals flow. 
  • You must complete all preceding steps before you are able to access the tool.

Important to Note:

  • The Review tool is only available within the Renewals flow.
  • Only users with access to the Renewals flow are currently able to access the tool.
  • When reviewing employees’ volumes for voluntary life, the review tool will calculate the volume and premium based on their max allowed benefit and not their current selected benefit amount. 
Example: If the voluntary life plan has a benefit of 5x their salary up $300,000 in $10, 000 increments and the employee's salary is $75k, the review tool will show his volume as $300k and calculate the premium based on that volume. 
Employees will still be able to select their preferred benefit volume when going through open enrollment.

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