Plan Mapping

When insurance carriers process renewals, if no changes are made, they will assume that the employee is continuing to enroll in the the most similar plan with the same dependents.  In this step, you will indicate which plans the carrier will automatically enroll employees onto, if no changes are made within Zenefits.  The new plan details and rates will apply to the employee's profile, but a task will not generate to process with the carrier, as it is assumed they will process this automatically on their end.  Similarly, employees who are auto-enrolled based on the plan mapping will not show up on the Open Enrollment Change Report.

Renewing with the same carrier: 
  • As a best practice, we recommend aligning plan mapping in Zenefits with your benefits carriers'  plan mapping guidelines, per your renewal packet.  
Switching to a new carrier:  
  • As a best practice, this should typically be set to "Do not auto-renew." 

If plan mapping is set to “Do not auto-renew”, we will not roll over the previous year's elections and employees will be required to participate in Open Enrollment to enroll in coverage.


Cigna  PPO   A -> Cigna PPO B

In this example, the  PPO plan from the previous plan year maps to the new plan year’s  PPO  plan .  All employees that do not make elections for the new plan year that were enrolled for the previous plan year, will be automatically enrolled for the new plan, unless they decline coverage.  

Benefits carriers will provide what your carrier plan mapping should look like in your renewal packet; if you are unsure what your plan mapping is, please verify with your benefits carrier.  

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