Processing a Passive Renewal

Overview: In Zenefits, a "Passive Renewal" is when you intend to have employees automatically enrolled into their carrier mapped plan(s) and do not offer employees a period wherin they select their benefits in the insurance enrollment flow.  Passive renewals should only be utilized when you do not want employees to elect their plans for renewal.   

How to Process a Passive Renewal: Once you've completed the "Plans & Carriers" step in the Open Enrollment flow, complete the "Open Enrollment."  Zenefits will ask you if you want to invite your employees to Open Enrollment:

  • By selecting "No" your Open Enrollment will be processed as a "Passive Renewal"
  • When processing a Passive Renewal you must configure plan mapping otherwise employees will not be auto-enrolled into their carrier mapped plan(s).
  • You are able to process a Passive Renewal without configuring any Plan Mapping for your Open Enrollment.  Generally, it is not recommended that you process your Open Enrollment this way as you will need to manually edit employee benefits details.  

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