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Zenefits’ Plan Library allows any user with access to the group renewals flow to load pre-built, small-group, ACAplans. Users can access Plan Library during open enrollment or an initial enrollment. Zenefits builds and maintains small-group ACA plans in the Zenefits system; these plans can also be accessed in the Zenefits Quoting Tool.

Pre-built plans in the Plan Library allow users to quickly load plan details that match or closely resemble the plan(s) they are adding to the renewals flow. Additionally, if you have quoted a small-group ACA plan with a carrier, you can utilize the Plan Library to add the ACA plan for the group’s open enrollment or initial enrollment within the renewals flow.

The Zenefits Quoting Tool is a separate tool that allows a broker to quote small-group ACA plans in Zenefits. Quotes are based on a number of factors that are stored in the Zenefits system, such as employee age, gender, zip code, etc. 

The Zenefits Quoting Tool is often used to shop small-group ACA plans, to inform the client’s benefits decisions. 

The Zenefits Plan Library is often used when benefits decisions are already made. It allows a user to simply export the plan details of the small-group ACA plans into the renewals flow without quoting. 

The Zenefits Plan Library can also be used as a template generator for clients who are not installing small group-ACA plans; pre-loaded plans can save time if there is a template similar to your custom plan offering.

Note: Please keep in mind that you must install all plans from the Zenefits Plan Library directly with your benefits carrier. Utilizing plans from the Plan Library does not circumvent the group underwriting/application process.

To access the Plan Library, navigate to the Start Renewals flow and select Add Plan.

  1. You can Add New or Add Existing plan.
  2. Enter the carrier info, then Continue.
  3. Select the Use Template tab.
  4. Type the title of the preferred plan into the Plan Library search bar.
  5. Select the plan and review basic plan details.
  6. Continue to Plan Info step.
    • Please see our renewals flow documentation if you need to make updates in this section.
    • Plan details should match the carrier's SBC. Any changes to plan details that vary from the carrier SBC are the broker and/or admin's responsibility.
  7. Continue to Rates and select the appropriate scenario.
    1. Template Rates: Enter the carrier rating region into the search bar to view template data.
    2. Manual Rates: Select the rate structure from the drop down, then enter rates accordingly.

If you are renewing the group(s) on a small group ACA plan with template rates:
  1. Add a new or existing carrier for your medical, dental, or vision plan.
  2. Select Use Plan Template in the Add Plan section.
  3. Type the small group ACA plan name into the search bar.
  4. Select the carrier approved plan and click continue.
  5. Verify all plan details like deductibles, coinsurance, etc.
  6. Enter the group zip code/region and click Apply.
    • This will pull all carrier approved rates for the small group plan and apply it to the group plan load. Verify that rates match your sales quote!
If you are renewing the group(s) on a small group ACA plan without template rates:
  1. Add a new or existing carrier for your medical, dental, or vision plan.
  2. Select Use Plan Template in the Add Plan section.
  3. Type the small group ACA plan name into the search bar that most resembles the plan details you want to add.
  4. Select the plan and Continue.
  5. Update the plan details like deductibles, coinsurance, etc. to match the plan SBC and load the appropriate SBC for the plan.
  6. If you're using the Plan Library as a template, do not utilize any of the rate templates in the Zenefits system. Please reference the rate sheet approved by your benefits carrier.
  7. Click Enter Rates Manually, and you can either:
    • Upload your rates with an Excel file.
    • Enter the rates directly into the modal.
Please see our renewals build guide for details.

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