Quoting Tool vs Plan Library

The Zenefits Quoting Tool is a separate tool that allows a broker to quote small-group ACA plans in Zenefits. Quotes are based on a number of factors that are stored in the Zenefits system, such as employee age, gender, zip code, etc. 

The Zenefits Quoting Tool is often used to shop small-group ACA plans, to inform the client’s benefits decisions. 

The Zenefits Plan Library is often used when benefits decisions are already made. It allows a user to simply export the plan details of the small-group ACA plans into the renewals flow without quoting. 

The Zenefits Plan Library can also be used as a template generator for clients who are not installing small group-ACA plans; pre-loaded plans can save time if there is a template similar to your custom plan offering.

Note: Please keep in mind that you must install all plans from the Zenefits Plan Library directly with your benefits carrier. Utilizing plans from the Plan Library does not circumvent the group underwriting/application process.

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