What you should expect during a Zenefits implementation as the client’s broker

We’re excited to have you and your team join Zenefits! We've outlined what you can expect during your client’s Benefits Zenefits implementation, including some helpful resources.

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Roles and Responsibilities
Zenefits Implementation Manager
  • Your Zenefits Implementation team will be a resource to help answer benefits related questions while benefits are built in Zenefits.
  • The Zenefits Implementation team will build the current year's benefits or if there is one, the initial upcoming renewal into Zenefits.
The Client
  • The implementation is driven around client timelines and expectations. The client will begin their implementation by collecting vital information and documents. The client will perform setup tasks and configuration tasks along the way. All phone calls will include the client. 
The Broker Partner
    • Depending on client preference, Zenefits will either work directly with the client or work with the broker partner to collect benefits documentation required to start implementation. The broker will be invited to any benefits related phone calls.
    • The broker will be responsible for building all renewals following the initial benefits load.

    Timeline and Broker Commitment 

    Document Collection
    • The client and/or broker can review and provide Zenefits and/or the client with required benefits documentation, found here.
    • If a renewal is coming up, Zenefits will need a 60 day lead time to build the current benefits and allow time to train your team to build the renewal in Zenefits. (Please see Account Completion and Training details below, and/or FAQs for more information). 
    • Example: 6/1 Effective date needs to be in Implementation by 4/1.
    Zenefits Building Benefits
    • Estimated time: 2-4 weeks depending on size of group and complexity.
    Account Review
    • When benefits are in Zenefits the broker will want to do a thorough quality check of enrollments to ensure they are correct.
    • Account Review should take no more than one full week following the completion of the benefits build.
    Account Training and Completion 
    • Regardless of which package you choose, Zenefits has an onboarding learning path to get you up and running - standard or advanced.


    How do FSAHSA, COBRA, and ACA work?
    Who can I contact during implementation? 
    • You should contact the group's Implementation Manager.
    • You will be added to an introduction email by the Implementation Manager.
    Who do I contact when implementation is complete?
    • Zenefits Support Team:
      • Log into the Zenefits account
      • Click the Help icon on the top right corner and follow the steps to ask your question. 
      • Brokers may also ask their own questions, or questions on the client or employee's behalf.
    • Zenefits Customer Success Manager:
      • If the company qualifies for an assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM), the CSM can always be reached after implementation is complete, and can assist in prioritizing any support tickets when needed.
    Who do I contact for systems training?
    • Regardless of which package you choose, we have an onboarding learning path to get you up and running - standard or advanced.

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