How do I enroll dependents?

Employees can enroll eligible dependents, such as children and spouses, under their insurance during their company's initial or Open enrollment periods.

What are eligible dependents?

For a dependent to be eligible, they need to be claimed as such by the employee for tax purposes, reside in the US, and have a valid Social Security Number or equivalent. E... Learn more

How do I add my new spouse to insurance coverage?

A spouse can be added to coverage within 30 days of the marriage date as a qualifying life event. Due to processing time, this must be completed within 27 days in Zenefits.To co... Learn more

How do I add my newborn to insurance coverage?

Birth is a qualifying life event (QLE), so you can add your newborn child to coverage within 30  days of their date of birth. Zenefits, however, requires that the online applica... Learn more

How do I enroll a dependent due to a Qualifying Life Event (QLE)?

If an enrolled employee has a dependent undergoing a qualifying life event (QLE) such as recently losing coverage or being adopted, the employee can add that dependent to their ... Learn more

Do my dependents and I have the same effective dates?

When enrolling a dependent during initial or open enrollment periods, dependents will have the same effective date as the employee enrolling. When enrolling a dependent due... Learn more

How do I remove my dependents from coverage?

If you need to remove dependents from any enrolled lines of insurance coverage outside of open enrollment, you can follow these steps. If you're in your company's open enrollmen... Learn more

Can I enroll dependents living outside of the USA?

Zenefits does not allow employees to enroll dependents who do not have a valid US zip code and Social Security Number. All non-US zip codes will be marked as invalid during the ... Learn more

Do I need to add my dependent's information if I'm declining coverage?

You'll need to enter your dependent's information during initial or open enrollment even if you're declining coverage for them. In some cases, if your marital status is "married... Learn more

What is the definition of non-registered domestic partners?

Plans and carriers may define domestic partnership obligations differently. If you do have a carrier and plan that allows domestic partnership enrollments, it's important to not... Learn more

Which states extend dependent coverage for children beyond age 26?

The most common age limit for enrolling a child in coverage is age 26, but exceptions may apply. These exceptions are based on the state where your company insurance policy was ... Learn more

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