Can I decline insurance now and enroll later?

Employees who want to decline coverage may do so in Zenefits, but must be absolutely sure of their decision before choosing to decline. Those who choose decline coverage during initial enrollment will not be covered under their employer's insurance plans or pay any premium deductions. They can only enroll in coverage outside of their eligibility window during a company's open enrollment period or in the event of a qualifying life event.

Declining Coverage in Zenefits

If a benefits-eligible employee wishes to decline insurance coverage, they can do so in Zenefits by logging into their dashboard and clicking "I decline medical/dental/vision coverage" in the enrollment flow. In the last step of the enrollment process, they are required to sign a waiver confirming that they wish to waive coverage and provide a reason for declining.

The Eligibility Window

Employees can enroll or make changes to their enrollment any time up to 30 days after their projected effective date.

Making Changes Outside of Open Enrollment

Changes can only be made to insurance status if employees have undergone a qualifying life event (QLE). Examples of qualifying life events include getting married, giving birth, adopting a child, or a change in your spouse’s insurance coverage status.

After having a qualifying life event, employees can enroll or make changes to their insurance within 30 days. Due to processing time, this must be done directly in Zenefits within 27 days of the event.

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