Can I have Medicare and group coverage at the same time?

If an individual has both group coverage and Medicare, they will need to coordinate with the carrier directly to determine which policy will be considered their Primary and which policy will be considered their Secondary. This is called Coordination of Benefits, and will dictate how their providers will bill for services and which policy will process the claim first.

Employees with Medicare who are also signing up for coverage through Zenefits do not need to provide any Medicare information to Zenefits. However, they will have to provide this information to their health care provider, so the provider is aware that the employee has both primary and secondary coverage. This will ensure that their billing is accurate.

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Enrolling in group coverage may also impact premium. If an employee is enrolled in group coverage and is considering enrolling in Medicare, they can reach out to Zenefits Support for clarity around how enrolling in Medicare may impact their insurance costs through their employer.

Medicare will not have information on an employee's group policy, so they will not be able to advise on the potential premium impact. This information can be confirmed with the group policy's insurance carrier directly.

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