When should I cancel my existing coverage when applying for new insurance?

Some employees prefer to maintain their existing coverage until after Zenefits confirms the new application is approved. This ensures that there is no lapse in your coverage as you transition from one plan to the next. Alternatively, some employees prefer to cancel their existing insurance prior to receiving approval of their new insurance in order to avoid paying dual premiums.

However, if you have existing coverage under a carrier and you're applying for new coverage with the same carrier (e.g., both your new and previous employers use the same insurance carrier), the carrier won't approve your new application until the old coverage is cancelled.

If you find yourself in this situation:

  1. Contact your previous employer’s HR department or the carrier itself to cancel coverage.
  2. Request that your existing coverage is cancelled after the effective date for your new plans.

Once this has been done, Zenefits can submit the application for approval.

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