Open Enrollment Basics

Open Enrollment allows employers to drop, add, or change their company's plan offerings under the same carrier. Open Enrollment also allows employees to make similar changes.

During Open Enrollment, employees can:

  • Enroll in their company's plans for the first time, if they had previously declined coverage.
  • Change to another plan offered by the company.
  • Decline insurance coverage through their own employer.

  • Add and remove dependents (spouse, children) from their insurance plan.

Changes can be made up through the end of Open Enrollment period. Your broker will then submit the applications to the carrier for processing.


Open Enrollment does not allow an employee to:

  • Decline coverage through their own company and use that as a loss of coverage qualifying life event.

  • Enroll in a spouse's plan outside of the Open Enrollment period at their spouse's company.

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