What happens if I need emergency coverage?

Under the Affordable Care Act, health insurance plans must offer emergency coverage, including Emergency Room visits and emergency transportation (ambulances, etc.). ER visits are commonly subject to a copay, but it is important to refer to the plan's Summary of Benefits and Coverage to confirm the coverage for that service.

What if an ambulance takes someone to an out-of-network hospital?

If there is an emergency situation where emergency transport is required and the nearest hospital is considered out-of-network, the insurance carrier will still treat services rendered there as in-network.

What about traveling outside of the USA?

All US health plans also cover emergency services overseas as though they were in-network. The situation must be serious, if not life-threatening, so going to the ER for, say, a sinus infection will not be covered. For more comprehensive benefits, it's recommended to look into dedicated Travel Insurance.

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