SBC - Mental and Behavioral Health, Maternity, Rehabilitation, Special Needs Services

The SBC explains how the plan covers mental and behavioral health services, pre- and post-natal benefits, as well as the coverage for special needs services.

This is the standard format for all SBCs up until April 1, 2017. Please refer to the SBC in question for details specific to that plan. The layout may differ but the same information will exist.

On this page, we can:

  • Learn the In-Network and Out-of-Network coverage for mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse-related services.
  • Find how the plan covers maternity services, including pre-natal care and delivery services.
  • Determine the plan's rehabilitation and home health care coverage.
  • Be made aware of important Limitations and Exceptions, like visit limits or preauthorization/precertification requirements.

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