Qualifying Life Events (QLEs)

Qualifying Life Events, or QLEs, are occasions which allow employees to enroll in, or make changes to, existing insurance outside of their annual open enrollment. Carriers will ask for proof of qualifying event when an employee application is submitted outside of their company's open enrollment.

What is a Qualifying Life Event?

The following are examples of common qualifying life events (QLEs) that allow eligible workers to enroll or make changes to their coverage, including adding dependents, outside ... Learn more

How can I enroll in or cancel coverage due to a qualifying life event?

A qualifying life event (QLE) is an event that allows an employee to make changes to their health enrollments outside of their company's open enrollment period.  Some examples o... Learn more

Can I cancel my insurance coverage mid-year?

Employees with a valid reason for canceling coverage are able to cancel existing medical, dental, or vision coverage outside of their company's Initial or Open Enrollment period... Learn more

When can I cancel my coverage?

Here's a list of valid reasons for canceling your insurance coverage outside of Open Enrollment. Recommended Email Response Copy and paste the below text as part of the A... Learn more

Dependent Loss of Coverage

If an employee's dependent loses coverage, this is considered a valid qualifying life event (QLE) and the dependent can be added to the employee's coverage. The employee needs... Learn more

How can I change plans after a qualifying life event?

After certain kinds of qualifying life events (QLE), the employee will be able to change plans in the enrollment flow. If you are moving out of the service area of your previous... Learn more

Qualifying Life Events During Open Enrollment

In the event that an employee is going through Open Enrollment at the same time they're also undergoing a qualifying life event (QLE), they have options. Qualifying Life Ev... Learn more

Can I cancel my qualifying life event enrollment?

Individual enrollees have the ability to cancel their qualifying life event enrollments themselves if they have not yet been submitted to the carrier.  You'll notice a button... Learn more

How do I review my employee's qualifying life event proof document?

If you just received an inbox task to review a qualifying life event (QLE) proof document, follow the instructions below to complete:Log into your admin accountClick on the inbo... Learn more

How much would it cost to enroll myself or my dependents?

If you or a dependent will be experiencing a qualifying life event and would like an estimate of how much it would cost to enroll in your company's plan, you can do so within yo... Learn more

Why am I receiving a duplicate dependent error?

The this dependent already exists, edit? text will appear if Zenefits already has your dependent's information in the system. This could be because you entered their information... Learn more

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