Lens Benefits and Vision Insurance

The lens benefit for a vision plan is the amount that an insurance company will cover when an enrollee purchases a pair of lenses. You can view your plan's lens coverage by clicking on the Vision Insurance app. The information is located under the Benefits Summary on the Vision Overview page.

This lens benefit includes only the lenses, not the frames: that is a separate expense and thus a separate benefit. The lens benefit is also different than contact lenses.

Understanding the Lens Benefit

The lens benefit amount may be a flat amount (for example, they may cover $130 total) or a fixed percentage of the cost of a pair of lenses. Many plans also have frequency limits.


  • A vision plan covers a flat amount of $130 for lenses over a frequency of 24 months.
  • An enrollee purchases a total of $120 in lenses over the course of 12 months.
  • The enrollee will only have $10 remaining for their lens benefit for the remaining 12 months.

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