Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

The Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is a document sent by carriers to provide details on how a claim was processed. Even if the carrier didn't pay anything for the service, subscribers will still receive an EOB for each submitted claim.

What's on an EOB?

The EOB contains very useful information, include:

  • Date of Service(s).
  • Procedure codes and names of services provided.
  • Total cost of service.
  • What the carrier paid to the provider.
  • What amount was applied to the subscriber's deductible.
  • Explanation of why the claim was denied, if applicable.
  • Any amount due by the subscriber.
  • Additional details about why the carrier processed the claim the way they did.

How do I get an EOB?

An EOB will either be mailed to you, or you can request one from your carrier directly. If you have an online account set up with your insurance carrier, you will be able to view your EOB through there, as well!

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