Supplemental Health Insurance

Also referred to as Worksite Benefits or Voluntary Benefits, Supplemental Insurance is extra insurance that you can purchase to help you pay for services and out-of-pocket expenses that your regular insurance does not cover. 

Standard medical, dental, and vision coverage may be enough, but a few employees may find themselves in unique situations (highly likely to get cancer, given their family history, or highly likely to have an accident, given their job) that makes paying for a supplemental insurance policy a worthwhile investment. 

Popular supplemental insurance plans that Zenefits will support include: 

  • Accident Insurance 
  • Critical Illness Insurance 
  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance 
  • Cancer Insurance

Plan Type                                                 About Other Names
Accident Insurance (ACC) Helps cover the costs that follow an unexpected injury. For example: broken limbs, burns, coma, concussion, ruptured disc . ACC Policies typically have similar plan designs across carriers. Plans may also include an AD&D benefit. Also known as supplemental accident insurance or personal accident insurance
Hospital Indemnity Insurance (HI) Helps cover the cost of hospitalization. For example: emergency room, ICU admission, ICU confinement, inpatient rehabilitation Also known as hospitalization insurance or hospital insurance
Cancer Insurance Helps cover the cost of common cancer related appointments and treatments. For example: cancer screening, cancer follow up, hospital confinement, benign brain tumor N/A
Critical Illness Insurance (CI) Helps cover the costs that follow specific illnesses or diseases. For example: hear attack, major organ failure, stroke, coma, permanent paralysis. CI policies typically differ greatly from carrier to carrier. However, most plans give the employee the option of purchasing different benefit amounts. Also known as critical illness cover or a dread disease policy

If you are interested in adding a Supplemental Insurance plan to your benefits package, please reach out to your insurance broker to discuss your options.

You'll be prompted to select a supplemental insurance plan in your enrollment flow when you are first hired with the company, or during Open Enrollment.

If you have signed up for a supplemental insurance policy and have questions about your plan or need to file a claim, contact your insurance broker for assistance.

Q: Can I enroll my spouse and children in this plan?

A: Typically, supplemental health insurance policies will allow you to enroll your spouse and child as long as you are enrolling in the plan. As with any other type of insurance coverage, you may not enroll dependents without enrolling yourself. To confirm if dependents are allowed under the plan, check the SBC or reach out to your broker.

Q: Are rates supported for tobacco vs non-tobacco users?

A: In order to load these plan types, separate plans will need to be created, one with tobacco rates, and one with non-tobacco rates. The title of the plan should indicate the plan type so that employees can choose appropriately.

Q: Which rate styles will be supported for Supplemental Health?

A: The following rate types will be supported

  • 1 tier
  • 3 tier
  • 4 tier
  • Age banded
  • Attained age
  • Any combination of the above rate types
These rate types will not be supported
  • Issue age
  • Premium per $1000 of coverage
  • Premium per benefit level
  • Tobacco /non-tobacco
  • Separate spouse rates
  • Separate child rates
  • Stacking

Q: How can I set up contribution schemes for a Supplemental Health policy?

A: All Supplemental Health policies will be set up to have employees pay 100% of the premium.

Zenefits is pleased to announce that you can now edit Rates (along with Basic Information) on the BenConnect website.

  1. Simply navigate to the Plans and Carriers section of your Benefits Administration App and select the plan that you would like to edit.
  2. Once in the selected plan, navigate to the Rates tab on the left hand side of the page.
  3. Click on the Edit button in the top right corner of the Plan Rates box.
  4. Once inside of the plan, you will have the ability to add, remove and adjust the Rates, Rate Structure and Age Bands associated with your plan.
  5. After you have completed all of your changes, you will receive a Confirmation Message to ensure you wish to save the changes before moving forward.

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