Supplemental health plan types

Plan Type                                                 About Other Names
Accident Insurance (ACC) Helps cover the costs that follow an unexpected injury. For example: broken limbs, burns, coma, concussion, ruptured disc . ACC Policies typically have similar plan designs across carriers. Plans may also include an AD&D benefit. Also known as supplemental accident insurance or personal accident insurance
Hospital Indemnity Insurance (HI) Helps cover the cost of hospitalization. For example: emergency room, ICU admission, ICU confinement, inpatient rehabilitation Also known as hospitalization insurance or hospital insurance
Cancer Insurance Helps cover the cost of common cancer related appointments and treatments. For example: cancer screening, cancer follow up, hospital confinement, benign brain tumor N/A
Critical Illness Insurance (CI) Helps cover the costs that follow specific illnesses or diseases. For example: hear attack, major organ failure, stroke, coma, permanent paralysis. CI policies typically differ greatly from carrier to carrier. However, most plans give the employee the option of purchasing different benefit amounts. Also known as critical illness cover or a dread disease policy

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