Information approvers can see

An approver's ability to view employee information is limited by their scope of approval, which is defined by two things:

  • by type of requests, e.g., salary changes or new hire information
  • by requesting manager(s), work locations or departments

Approvers will only receive the requests that fall within their scope of authority. For example:

  • Richard Carstone, Director of Finance, is set to receive salary change requests from all managers in the Marketing and Sales departments.
  • John Jarndyce, VP of Sales, is set to receive requests for salary changes and new hires from managers in the Sales department.

Assuming these approver settings:

  • If a manager in Sales makes a request to hire a new employee, Mr. Jarndyce will receive the request, but Mr. Carstone will not.
  • If a manager in Sales makes a request to change an employee's salary, both Mr. Jarndyce and Mr. Carstone will receive the request, and both must approve for the change to take effect.

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